These are the things I recommend You to get for your new puppy.  
It is very important that you maintain this inorder to continue a
happy and healthy puppy when going to its new home. I love the
pack and play pen this can be purchased at wal-mart in the childs
section. The play pen provides necessary space for play and keeps the
food and water close. I use puppy pads to put in the bottom of the
play pen. One end I put a bed or blanket with a heating pad
underneath on low at all times. Very small pups need to stay warm
and close to fresh food at all times. I use the nutri-cal to give to
very small puppies. This can be bought at petsmart. I will let you
know what kind of food I have your puppy eating.  teacup puppies, micro puppies, purse pups. pocket pups.   
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