AboutOur Family

We are a family of five. All five are 100% pet lovers. We have
been raising teacup puppies for 10 years. Everyone puts a
special part into the care of our puppies .They are VERY loved
and well taken care of! I enjoy buying and making things for
the puppies. I spend 95% of my time into doing those things. I
am a stay at home mom, therefore I get to be with the puppies
24/7 which I love. I am very careful when it comes to keeping
things clean and germ free! My Puppies get alot of attention
and dress up time. Our youngest daughter Heidi Lane ask
about every puppy that leaves and she has to give everyone a
good bye kiss..She spends tons of time with them
everyday.We hope our puppies go from our heart to yours.
They are special to us and we are proud of them
. We love to
see them go to good pet loving families.
They are not just
puppies they are our Babies!!
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